Opinion Time: Squiggly Brows

Now y’all know I’m all for trends. But!! This latest craze “Squiggly Brows,” umm idk. 

Now, if this look is done for editorials, and to showcase your makeup talent, ok. Which is the case for the young ladies posted. I think🤷🏽‍♀️Then I get it! But on a regular smegular!! Issa No For Me!!

 Let me know what y’all think in the comments below. 


Opinion Time: Peek-A-Boob

Is fashion going too far? I’m starting to think so. It’s like no one wants to leave anything to the imagination anymore. (My Opinion). I’m all for feeling super sexy, but this whole Peek-A-Boob look is just a lot to stomach. 

I came across a post online from another popular blog denouncing this as tasteful, and I’d have to agree. Since I’ve already expressed my thoughts…. what are yours?

New Do, Who Dis? Keyshia Kaoir

Keyshia Kaoir fiancé of Atlanta Rapper Gucci Mane has done a switch-a-too on us. Normally, Keyshia can be spotted near and far with some of the best lace front wigs you’d ever want to see. 

But obviously it appears that Ms. Keyshia was ready for a little change, and I’m loving it!

 Her pixie cut is bomb! It’s simple with a little flare, and brings out her beauty face more.

Trendy or Ratchet: Blac Chyna

In the midst of all the Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian drama. (If you’re lost just do a google search about it)😊. Blac Chyna still finds the time and energy to fling a new wig style on us. 

Her latest unit is very unique with rainbow hues, and I’m feeling it!

But are you? Is this look trendy or ratchet in your opinion?

1 Hour Locs, No Cornrows: Briana Tahari

Hey Ya’ll it’s almost time for back to school and you gotta start shelling out those coins for back to school hairstyles… or do you?

Today I came across this cutie Briana Tahari (pictured above) on YouTube. I was floored at the fact that she was able to do her faux locs in one hour, without cornrows. Yes without cornrows! What a lifesaver if you struggle with cornrowing, but still need to save a few bucks on getting a hairstylist for back to school.

I really hope this makes you girls as happy as it made me!! I can’t wait to try this style on myself and my daughter.