5 Things The Kardashians Can Teach Us About Marketing & Branding


Kim Kardashian West and family have made millions off of the Kardashian name alone. They have managed to turn fame into dollars, and lemons into lemonade. We all can learn a little something about branding and marketing, from the Kardashian family.

1. Use What You Got, To Get What You Want ( Not In A Bad Way)

You might not be a star yet, but you have platforms to use. Sure you don’t have a t.v show, but you do have an Instagram account, Facebook page, Snap Chat, etc. Social Media is your platform. Use it for more than just socializing!

2. Insert a little personality in your business! Be you! Don’t water yourself down! Just be you! People like that better.

3. Dress to impress!! Make life Your Runway

4. Make Controversy work in your favor. If the spot light is on you for something not so good. Go ahead pitch your latest project in the midst of the caos.

5. Position yourself as an expert! Know a lot about beauty, fashion, etc, share your knowledge with the world

6. There is power in relationships. Support family and friends and they will support you.

Image: E! Entertainment



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