Maven Spotlight : Salathia Harden


It is The Millennial Hairstylist’s pleasure to spotlight Ms. Salathia Harden. She is very innovative and indeed a stylist that should be watched. Ms. Harden recently won the Student Fantasy Contest, in Macon Ga’s Pro Beauty Show.


Checkout our brief interview with her below:



TMH: What’s your styling specialties?

Salathia: I can do it all, weaving, natural hair, cutting and coloring, but I really enjoy doing locs.

TMH: What cosmetology school are you currently attending, and when do you graduate?

Salathia: Virginia College (Macon, Ga) . Feb 2017

TMH: What was your inspiration for competition?

A tornado with flames. Fire Tornado

TMH: What’s your plans after school

Salathia: Working in a professional environment to get the feel of a “shop”

TMH: Will you be participating in more shows?

Salathia: Yes! This was a very fun experience. It was my first time and I was nervous, but all the running around finding things to pull my final look together was worth it.



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