5 Tips For Boosting The Health Of Your Natural Hair

1.Protective styling is a must!

Don’t go natural if you desire straight hair every day! If your desire is  straight hair everyday go ahead and relax or texturize. Find a nice protective style that requires little to no tension.

2.Remember easy does it just fine.

When combing or styling natural hair be very careful. Invest in a good paddle brush, a wide tooth comb, good conditioner, and detangler. It’s always best to separate the hair into sections before combing or brushing.

3.Vitamins are your bestie.

Take Vitamin D daily to supply your follicles with nutrients that support growth.

4.Conditioner is king!  

The key to healthy hair is hydration. Your hair needs moisture to stay healthy and strong. Invest in a good conditioner to use once a month, as well as a good daily leave in conditioner.

5. Heat can be the enemy.

When using heat invest in a good heat protectant spray. Also make sure your hot tool’s temperature isn’t too high. Keep in mind hair burns at around 450 degrees.



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