Malaysia Got It Right, I Didn’t! (Facts About Going Blonde The Right Way!!)

Photo Credit: Instagram

First let me say that Malaysia did it the right way!! She went blonde by way of wiggery, instead of dyeing her natural hair. Wish someone would have given me the memo eight years ago.

You see eight years ago, I decided to try light blonde hair. It was so freaking cute at first! Butttt!! About a month in, things started to go all wrong. My hair started to shed like a dog! Yes a dog! No joke!  My hair became so thin, that I had to literally do the big chop an hour before heading to work. I was devastated! Though everybody thought I looked adorable lol!!

Sooooo, to keep you from making the same mistake. Let’s talk the facts that you should know before going blonde.

  1. When attempting to reach extreme colors of blonde, such as platinum and ash blonde, wigs are always a better choice. Why? Because the process of bleaching strips the hair, and leaves the hair drier than normal. The hair becomes more fragile and less elastic than it’s normal state. Thus causing the hair to break!
  2. When deciding to bleach natural hair. Make sure the hair is free of chemicals. (This was my problem. I had a relaxer before bleaching.) Oops!!
  3. Color treated hair/ extensions must be conditioned often.




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