All About Goddess Faux Dread Locs, With Braider Shelby Imani



Ok, summer is officially over! But  Goddess faux dread locs are not! Sooo…. I couldn’t resist the urge to hook up with Braider/ Hairstylist Shelby Imani, for the tea on Goddess faux dread locs!!

Let’s get into it!!

TMH: What are Goddess faux dreads locs?

Shelby Imani: Goddess faux dread locs are an amazing protective style, especially for natural hair.

TMH: How many packs of hair does it take?

Shelby Imani: Generally, you need at least 7 packs of Marley braiding hair and 5 packs of FreeTress braiding hair to achieve this look.

TMH: Could you tell us a little bit about how the process is done?

Shelby Imani: You take a strand of kinky (Marley) hair and wrap it around the length of the wavy or curly pre-braided section of hair. Use a lighter to burn and hold the ends, leaving as much of the FreeTress braiding hair hanging loose as you would like.

TMH: How long does the full install take?

Shelby Imani: The installation time varies depending on the technician, but it usually takes 7-10 hours.

TMH: What products do you recommend for the upkeep of this style?

Shelby Imani: During and after the install, I recommend Vonté Edge Effects, Blue Magic hair * scalp conditioner, African Pride braid sheen spray, and extra hold jam.

TMH: For clients considering this style, what would you say about the maintenance? Is this a high maintenance style?

Shelby Imani: Maintenance is minimal for this style. I recommend that you keep your scalp moisturized, oil your locs once a week, and wear a hair bonnet or tie every night to keep the locs fresh.


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