Maven Spotlight: M.U.A Brandi V

img_0885Makeup Artist Brandi Victoria is a Macon, Ga native. Who has turned her passion for makeup into a profitable product business. She is also full of knowledge, and has a lot she can teach us all about makeup application.

I’ve personally watched Brandi for many years via social media, as she continues to evolve. It’s very enjoyable to see her works of art grace my timeline.

Take a few moments, and checkout this quick interview with M.U.A Brandi V. I’m pretty sure you’ll see why I think she’s Maven Spotlight WORTHY!

TMH: What made you start a cosmetic line?

Brandi V: I’ve always wanted to start my own cosmetic line, but was never %100 sure of what products I wanted to put out there. Finally, I decided on brows!!! It’s like getting your hair done! It’s a must! Lol!!


TMH: What items does your line include?

Brandi V: Our line consists of 3 products, IAMBRANDIV double sided brow pencil (3 shades, medium brown, auburn, and dark brown) and precision angled brow brush. Our double sided brow pencil features a sharp edge precision pencil on one end and a spoolie brush on the other end. Our double sided precision angled brow brush is also doubled sided, featuring a spoolie on the opposite end as well. Our brow brush was crafted with the PERFECT angle to help you sculpt the perfect arched brow!

TMH: How can we order?

Brandi V: Orders can be placed by emailing Let us know which products your would like and my team and I will take good care of you!

brandiTMH: Any makeup hacks you’d like to share with readers?

Brandi V: Yes, using mascara on your brows will help keep them in place! It’s my favorite hack!

TMH: What has been the highlight of your career, thus far?

Brandi V: The highlight of my career may come as a surprise! It wasn’t a big gig! It wasn’t working with a celebrity! It was when a client of mines asked me to travel to her home because all her mom water for her birthday were “brows” because she didn’t have any. Her mom was in her 80’s, which I didn’t know prior to my arrival. I set out the brow products and created some flawless brows for her, her mom looked in the mirror and gave us the biggest smile ever! My heart sunk! The gesture was so simple, but so meaningful!

  img_0886TMH: Any advice to upcoming artists? Any lessons learned?

Brandi V: Well yes! Work hard, educate yourself and practice your craft! It like school, once you learn something you have to do your homework and keep practicing to master it. The biggest lesson I’ve learned is to be my biggest MY biggest supporter! Don’t expect others to be your biggest supporters! Support yourself first and make yourself proud!

img_1803To see more of Brandi’s amazing work, and to find out how to book.

 Checkout her I.G @iambrandiv



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