What’s Trending: High school Braids

I came across this photo of KeKe Palmer wearing High School Braids. Not sure what everyone else is calling them, but I call them High School Braids. You know those braids that start at the edges and end at the crown. mavenkeke

I can remember these all too well. It was maybe my junior or senior year when this fad blew up all around my school, and now in 2017 they are back.

I don’t have to tell you how I love a great trend, because you follow the blog, and you already know 😍. But I don’t think I want to jump on this one. Though Keke looks super cute with this style. It’s just a little kiddie for me at age 31!

So now that you know my feelings on this one.

Let me know how you girls feel about this one.


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